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Third Day at Disney - Part 2

Hello!  (warning….this post contains tons of pictures and you may want to just scan through)

In the last Disney update, we were having a nice quiet breakfast near the castle at Sleepy Hollow. And we had an important date next! So after breakfast, we took the short cut by the castle. I love this little pathway to the left of the castle.

A brief pause by the fountain….

…which brought us to our destination. We swung right into the castle and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. We had a 10:10 am appointment to turn these two girls into princesses. Brooklyn selected the Cinderella gown I made, and Devon selected her Jasmine costume to wear. The girls sat on the couch to select hairstyles before being called back.

The girls picked out the hairstyles and were called back to get changed and meet their Fairy Godmothers. They sat next to each other and Sarah and I watched from the center sofa.

So what follows are pictures of their transformation. They got their hair and make-up done. The Fairy Godmothers were just so sweet and chatted with the girls through-out the whole thing. They brushed and brushed their hair to perfection. I captured some pics and the photopass photographer came around and took pics as well. Thank goodness because my camera was not behaving at all. Here are some of my pics…

Cinderella after her transformation….

And Jasmine….Beautiful!!!

Here are the beautiful girls together!

 Poor Cinderella did NOT have glass slippers and had to wear crocs!! Jasmine was wearing matching flip flops. Each girl got a pink bag filled with goodies from the make-over!! Not to overload you with pictures but here are the MUCH better photopass pics!

The photographer turned the camera on the audience.

And not only that….a Fairy Godmother came around with pixie dust for us…we were both slightly embarrassed but went along with it….keeping the fun going.

Back to the girls…thank goodness!

Sorry about all of the pictures…..way too many but I just had to post them all!  I am going to go ahead and post the pictures from the studio next door too. We did this about an hour after our appointment. The photographer here met with the girls and joked around before starting. He was awesome. They had two people taking pictures and we only had to wait in line about 15 minutes. So here you go….

Yaaaaaa we’re done! Lots o pictures huh? So in my next post, with these out of the way, I will go through the rest of the afternoon here at the MK! Be back soon!



The rest of June! Summer Begins!

Hello Again,

Hope your Independence Day is going well! Happy July 4th!

So we kicked off our summer with a camping trip! Sarah was at her dad’s but Edmund, the girls and I found a really nice place! We would definitely go back! It was particularly clean and we really had a nice, relaxing time. Believe it or not, its hard to transition into summer sometimes and this trip is just the thing! We stayed two nights in a cabin. So here are some shots…checking in….

I was pretty excited about their milkshakes! lol! Here’s our cabin…

The girls had walkie talkies and bikes! Fun! We explored the area a bit…you could go crabbing and canoeing since we were right by the wetlands march. It was soooo pretty!

We headed back to the cabin to unpack and the girls wanted to go swimming! It was actually a bit cool…around 70. I didn’t go in but kids are impervious to cold water I have discovered!

We were the only ones here! Jumping in!

The pool area was so nice! After a while, we decided to head back for dinner!

Starting up the grill! Its working!

The girls got changed and rode bikes! There was a playground around the corner and they went to check it out!

And I got a soda, my kindle on my ipad, a comfy chair and buried myself in some good old fashion relaxation! It was great to finally sit still! We kept talking to the girls on the walkie talkies and they would swing by….the campground was practically empty!

We called the girls back and had dinner. Cleaned up after dinner and got ready for the camp hayride. I didn’t bring my camera but every time we passed someone.„,we all yelled “Hay” of course! Once we returned, Edmund started up our campfire for smores! It was a beautiful sunset!

Perfect for watching and thinking….and smores!

The fire eventually died down and we all headed into the cabin. It had a full bathroom (yaaa), took showers and we all went to bed.

So the next day began with…when can we go swimming????

There was a diving board too….the girls had a blast jumping off of that. Brook had to work up the courage to do it but she eventually did and they went round and round and round. Really…where do they get the energy? There was more bike riding during the day and lunch….I think we had sandwiches and salad.

In the afternoon, there was some organized activities, like softball. Brooklyn LOVES baseball so Edmund and Brookie headed over there for that.

Devon and I took pics and brought water and cheered! Edmund was pitcher!

I love this pic…look how cute Brookie is! She hit the ball…not hard…but she was able to get on base a few times! The game was kinda open cause more people would join mid-game and some would leave!

In the end, Brooklyn’s team won!

I think another trip to the pool was in order! We had milkshakes too! And some bike riding while we made dinner!

I think we hung around and eventually started another campfire.

Oh you know what, I took some cabin pictures before dark too…we had bunk bed, a daybed, a galley kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom (Tiny).

So after a full day, the girls were tired! We watched a little bit of tv. It was actually quite cool in the evenings at this point, hence the sweatshirts! And off to sleepy land we all went.

The next day was Father’s Day! The girls woke up and we had a little breakfast. We had to check out so we started packing up and cleaning up. But we didn’t have to leave the campground right away….sooooo, the girls went swimming. I bundled under a towel! We hung out for a few hours at the pool relaxing while the fish swam.

There was a grill/snack stand so when the girls got out we had a little snack, some fries, and headed out. We were about 5 minutes away from this activity place. It had some rides, arcade, batting cage….that kind of thing. So we spent a few hours here!

The first thing we did was…..go carts! Boy was that hilarious. Devon was a good driver but Brooklyn had no idea there was a brake. She just floored it the whole time and lapped people. Oh gosh!

When it was time to come in, Brooklyn slowed up a little and just crashed into the poor kid in front of her. For heaven’s sake….I felt so bad. She really had no idea there was a way to slow down. So next up we all took turns in the batting cages!

We played in the arcade for a little bit…

They got a few goodies with their tickets and then wanted to do some rides. They liked this one…

The nice ride operator actually gave them double rides and tickets for another ride. Sooo sweet!

We had to go shortly after this to pick up Sarah. We had lunch out too and headed home to a mountain of laundry. I can’t understand where it all comes from! So that was our camping trip. We may go back in Sept or maybe next year. We had a very relaxing time!

After our trip we got busy with planning out how we would spend each day. We wanted to mix in some activity and some sewing time for mommy. Apparently I was voted in as activity director. I am sure all you moms know what I am talking about. Mom…what are we doing today. Mom…I am bored. Mom…when are we going to do xyz. Sound familar? So, we headed to the library, did some cooking and baking, went to the beach and pool. They have tended the garden and played in the sprinkler. Ice pops! The girls are taking a two summer school classes online to keep up their skills. There has been some playdates and sleepovers. Lots of cartwheels! They love watching the Olympic trials! Oh poor Brookie got a foot infection. She had to be on antibiotics and I had to keep her out of the sun for 10 days. There has also been some crazy T-storms….luckily we didnt lose power! So there you go! Soon enough June was over. I will leave you with a bunch of pics from the end of July!

Twister with friends…

Big breakfast…

Finally got hot…101!

Library time…

Cooking camp…hahaha…Devon picked out this recipe and helped shop for it and make it!

Sprinkler…poor grass was dying in the heat!

Brook’s poor foot…

Pool time…


School work…

Shopping in town…

Beach time…lots of beach pics!

Ok so I am going to get going now! I will be back soon with another trip report update!! Have a great day everyone!



June - The Beginning of Summer

As time would have it, May turned to June! The end of the school year was in sight! The weather was cloudy and cooler than usual. I mean some years it is soooo hot in school, but not this year. I guess that is good in a way….we got a lot of work done!

So the end of the year also means making gifts for the girl’s teachers. We love this part! Sarah made pictures for her teachers from a website called Wordle. You type in a bunch of words and they assemble them into a word puzzle. Then she framed them and wrapped them before I could take a pic. Whoops. Luckily she made one for herself with words from the group One Direction and I do have a pic of that….

I found a great project from my friend Jennifer Paganelli’s latest book, Happy Home. It was a set of “Pretty Boxes” which could be stacked or nested. Great for storage and teacher things….


And after -

I also made a going-away gift for a teacher friend….

I’ll go into more detail on my sewing blog and also share some other projects if you are interested. The beginning of June also brought on our first trip to the pool…the first of many!

And soon enough it was Sarah’s graduation from middle school. It was such a pretty day too! This was the morning….last time I dropped her off! (Next year she comes with me to work!)


We got to our seats early and waited…

Finally they arrived and processed to their seats…..

The ceremony was nice and certificates were issued!

After the ceremony with the family….

And some pics with friends…

We headed out to the cars to go to lunch. And that’s when poor Brooklyn got stung by her first bee. OUCHY!!! Poor dear and she was so brave about it. Daddy carried her the rest of the way to the car and I got her some ice and ointment for it. Plus she got a special Shirley Temple at lunch!!! Fortunately it felt much better by then.


What a special day!!!! Congratulations Sarah!!!

Next time I will update on the Middle of June! Have a super Friday everyone!!!

God Bless,


Third Day at Disney - Part 1

Hello Everyone!

Well we have been officially out for summer for a whole week today! I am really enjoying the slower pace and hanging out with the girls! So with my morning free, I thought I would blog a little and sew a little! The last update for Disney was day 2 and we had a wonderful time at Chef Mickey’s, Magic Kingdom and Liberty Tree Tavern. We also fit in a little swim, Downtown Disney and fell asleep quite happy!

Day three began with a wake-up call (for me at 6am) from Stitch of course. Its hard to tell exactly what he is saying since its a lot of yelling going on….but it worked! I took a shower and sent out patterns then woke the girls up. I think it was around 7:00 am. I should have taken notes but I do know that we left the room around 7:30 am. It was warm and overcast. I took some pics of our trip to the monorail!

Can you tell which park we were heading to today?

A lone Disney duck floating around in the pool! He must be so happy to live there! We crossed the bridge…

I loved the babbling stream and falls…

I tried to get some more pics in the lobby too…

And of course we need a surfboard pic!

It was about 8 am and not too crowded in here this morning!

The lobby is so peaceful! I just love the Poly! So we headed upstairs…

Passed by Trader Jack’s…

And went outside to the monorail…you can see the falls from upstairs!

After a short wait, we boarded!

Here is a shot of the new DVC going up between GF and the Poly…

We sat through the first stop and were off once again around the lagoon..

Such a peaceful morning! So we disembarked at the next stop!

Ahhhhh here are some people finally! Today was supposed to be jammed packed here at the MK! Would we be able to do all we had planned and hoped for?

No rope drop for us this morning! I think we just missed it since it says 8:20 am. No big deal! I didn’t want to push everyone to arrive at 7:30 since we had such a long day the day before. It wasn’t too crowded at this point either. So in we went to the most magical place on Earth!!

Here goes the train overhead!

We had to get some photopass pics!

Oh HI MINNIE!! We walked up Main Street and soaked in the atmosphere!

I love this pic!

And if I didn’t stop taking pics we would never get to the attractions! So we headed into FantasyLand and I got to see first hand how the FL Expansion was progressing!! Lots of wall pics. Dumbo had just shut down before we arrived to make his way over to his new and better location. We usually did the Dumbo Dash when the girls were little but this time we got to try a different ride first!

As you can see not many people were here (yet)! We swung right to check out this store since it had this cool glowing dress. I wanted to find the location of the photo studio and while everyone was looking around, I headed out to pick up fastpasses for Peter Pan’s Flight. It just took a few minutes. (and I also got bonus FP for Mickey’s Philharmagic…they popped out of the FP machine with the others…..which is silly but I took the free passes for later)

Then we all headed out to our first ride … which has since closed down for good :(

Hop aboard for some scary adventures!

Don’t eat it!

Ahhhh love’s kiss!

I tried to get a pic of the last scene but I camera wouldn’t work…darn. So with Snow White in the good care of her prince, we swung right to see about another adventure. I took pics of the construction along the way. The next time we visit, this will be open! Can you see Beast’s Castle in the background! Great perspective work!

The crane by the Mine Train stone work. I think the white tent structure is the Judge’s tent which is going to be taken down.

The yellow tent is going to be Dumbo’s new circus location. (which has now opened since this photo was taken)

Whoops, we had to stop a sec while Brook took a pebble out of her shoe….

A few more expansion shots and then I was done! After all it will be completely changed in the next few months!

So exciting!!!

Ok so we were now at our next adventure! Hurray!!! (get it….Pooh says this)

This was the first time the two Littles were seeing the new interactive queue!

The only reason they have 10 minutes for the wait time is that you want to stop and play for 10 minutes or more in the queue. There was no wait time actually!

The girls started exploring right away!

So much to see and do….really I have to give kudos to Disney for this imaginative area! Obviously my kids are a little on the old side for it but it is still so cute and fun!

The dripping honey was the best!

Time to load up into some “hunny” pots!

Gotta love Tigger!!!

and Hurrah….

We exited through the gift shop! Devon blended right in!

Time for a trip around the world! Still not too crowded but, of course, people were streaming in the whole time.

Ok enough pics….in we went!

Wait time said 10 minutes but it was walk on!

Hey Brookie…whats the frown for?

Down the ramp…

This lucky money is collected and sent to different charities…

We all fit into one row…

Sing along everyone….its a small world after all! I gave my camera a break and just enjoyed the ride. Our next adventure was with Peter Pan! This is such a fun ride. We used our fastpasses. I’ve never not used them for this ride.

I am sure standby was only 15 minutes but we did have a time schedule this morning of sorts so I was glad we could still just walk on.

Fly away!

Wow…blurry huh! I am happy to announce that Wendy was rescued and Hook is still straddling Tic-Toc!

Our lunchtime destination…..but we still needed breakfast!

So we were getting hungry at this point and decided to head back down a busy Main St. to check out Main Street Bakery that I have heard so many good things about. It was about 9:30 am and check out the line here….ack!

Yaaaa, that wasn’t going to work for us so fortunately, I had a great back up plan. Waffles and Funnel Cake at a great location that I had just heard about on the Dis Unplugged podcast. So off we went back up Main Street….

Ahhh peacefulness! So here we were….

….amongst the gorgeous flowers and greenery of MK on a busy Sat morning. We had gotten in our four favorite attractions and we were soaking in the magic! As we headed to our destination, I remembered that there may be a princess tucked back in the garden. I told the girls to detour left for a minute to check and guess what????? No one was there! We squealed and came around to meet her!

Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog was under her gazebo and the girls were able to walk up and get autographs and pictures! Soooo wonderful!

And some photopass pics too! Isn’t she so pretty!!! She said she loved the girls dresses too!

A few final hugs, and we really had to eat….we only had about 20-25 minutes until our next adventure!

Ok, so across the way from this was our food destination….Sleepy Hollow. Great name cause no one was there! We ordered and found a table right out back to relax and eat breakfast, finally!

It is times like this that it pays a little to have some background Disney knowledge! The food was yummy! Thanks Podcasters for a great suggestion!

We shared a strawberry waffle and funnel cake and drinks among the four of us!

This was our view of the castle from where we sat. Sooooo….. I am going to let you wonder where we are supposed to be at 10:10. Feel free to leave your guesses in the comment part!!!

Ok I am going to stop right here and take a break!!! Be back soon with Part 2!!

Have a terrific weekend!! Its Friday and we are headed to the pool for a little while.

God Bless,


May Blog update!

Hello Again!

Thought I would share some goings on during May (now that its June)…lol! I’ll try to let the pics do most of the talking here!

May is recital month. Pre-recital goings on included a lot of rehearsals!

And some backstage pics too…

Devon’s 2nd grade teacher came to visit her! So sweet…love her!

And flowers from Daddy and Mommy!

May also wrapped up Sarah’s softball season!

The end of the month brought Memorial Day weekend and an extra day off! We hit the beach since it was gorgeous out!

I got a little sewing in…

Our neighbors brought the girls some cute flip flops…

And we also had a great cookout with our neighbors!

Kid’s table…

Adults table….

And a wiffle ball game…

With the extra time, we also organized the two Barbie bins! I had picked up a few organizers at a yard sale and was determined to get the doll dresses and accessories in a spot where you could see and use them. (rather than mixed at the bottom of the bin).

Two trays of accessories…

The second drawer was all Barbie shoes and boots…

Barbie clothes…

Nekked barbies…

The girls also had some free time to spend with their friends…bike riding, AG dolls and dressing up! Ahhhh childhood!

May also brought the high school’s prom weekend. We  went to cheer on the prom-goers at the new Cape May Convention Hall!

Waiting to be introduced…

Getting set up..

The back of the hall on the beach…the room the prom was in overlooked the ocean. So pretty! This was the very first event at the hall.

Each couple came up to the top of the steps and turned around, was introduced on the loudspeaker, the crowd cheered, and they headed into the venue. Very classy!

They all had a great time!

The end of the month brought school field trips for the girls. Brooklyn’s trip went off without a hitch. Parents were not invited to that one but she had a nice day at the zoo. For Devon’s trip, I signed up to help chaperone but unfortunately the trip was canceled that morning due to rain. (They were going to the zoo) I had already taken off from work and Devon was already at school when the trip was canceled. I cannot do many things school related with the girls because I have to work and Devon was soooooo looking forward to my going. I felt soooo bad for her. Sooooooo, I decided to pick her up from school and have a girls day together..just the two of us! Whahooo!

I jumped on the phone and scheduled some appointments for the day! We started by getting our nails done:

They did a pretty flower and crystal on her ring finger. Then we got lunch and watched a tv show at home. She picked a hoagie and shake and pretzels!

Then we were off to go get Devon’s haircut (a trim):

You can see it was still raining. Another shot of her nails…

After the haircut, we went to the library! She picked out a few books and a movie.

She was one happy girl! It was a great day in the end! I am so glad to be able to spend time with the girls one-on-one. They grow up so fast.

And so ends the month of May!

I will be back with June soon!! Thanks for following my picture-filled update!

God Bless,


Second Day at Disney - Part 3

I’m back. I have been debating finishing this trip report since so much time slipped by…but I hate not finishing something I started. So I am going to move along now that I have a little more free time. (dance is over and softball is just about done too!)

On the last update we had just finished our Jungle Cruise and were midway through our afternoon! The JC used our last fast pass we had collected and the crowds were thick(er). It was threatening rain or lightly raining all day. It was so nice and warm though so we really didn’t mind one bit. :)

Can you guess our next attraction???

That’s right……

Back in its original form…..I just heard a tidbit on the DisPodcast that this is one of the few (or maybe only) attraction with Walt Disney’s name on it! Hurray! We had to wait about 5-10 min for the show to start…..

We were finally let in! I barely remember this attraction as a child and I went when once while it was “under new management” in 2007 but we haven’t been back since. It is a great classic show! Perfect for late afternoon!

I took a quick pic and we enjoyed the show!!!

So….if you are over in Adventure Land mid afternoon…and you’ve ridden lots of rides all day….what is the next thing you do????????

Why get a Dole Whip of course!

DELISH!!!!!!!! We stood under cover at this point because it was a little drizzly out. Actually a table became available which was great so we sat down and relaxed….even better!

Gotta love Brook’s goofy stare!

When we all finished, Aunt Mary decided to do some shopping on her own and we decided to do another attraction we haven’t done in  a while……SFR tree!

I don’t think any of them have ever tried it!

We were also trying to avoid the drizzle which was very possible for this attraction. So we headed in….it wasn’t crowded but there were other people there. No wait for anything and we didn’t stop much. Here are a bunch of pics…..

You can see the rain on the water…

I love this picture above because you can see how they built out over the water….it gets better!

The view a little higher up!

As you can see I tagged along taking lots of pics! Now we began our descent!

More pretty views!

Yaaa we made it to the bottom!!! That was fun….certainly not life changing but entertaining and I loved the views! However, it was raining and we wanted to be able to walk around and not get wet. Sooooooooo, we did the next logical thing…went shopping! I bought the girls and I Disney ponchos! I have always wanted one and it never seems to rain when I am there. Also, the girls each had gift cards to use too. They picked out some things…a pin and some jewelry I think….  I took a pic of Devon and Brooklyn using her card from Aunt Dyanne (my sister). Thanks Aunt Dyanne!!!

Just a note about the ponchos while I am thinking of it. They weren’t actually out in the store but behind the counter. You have to ask the CM for them!

So next, we decided to shop our way down Main Street and head to the train station.

Pretty flowers between Crystal Palace and Child Care Center! So pretty!

Isn’t Disney beautiful???!!!

It was only a little drippy but we enjoyed our ponchos! And now commence shopping!

All the shops are connected (get short cut if Main St is jam packed!)

I believe Devon got these! We picked up a bunch of things along the way including autograph books! So at the base of Main Street, you can really see the crowds. No telling what the lines were like at this point. No one seemed to mind the wet weather….including Roy and Minnie!

We also wedged ourselves into the crowd for a castle and poncho pic! lol!

And Tinkerbell came along to surprise us while we were there! Somehow Brookie doesn’t appear convinced huh?!

I couldn’t go anywhere until I got a  scrim pic too!

Just so you know….to the right of this pictures at the corner of this building (just around the corner) is where they HIDE the fastpass machines for FP to meet Minnie/Mickey and the Princesses at Exposition Hall.

Before we headed up we got those FP and used the restrooms next to town hall. Then we headed up to the platform.

We wanted the back row!

Here it comes!

We boarded and got close to the back!

And we chugged along to the next stop. Loved the lights on the train!

We had to get off in Frontier Land because we had to make our dinner ADRs. Any guesses as to where we were headed?? We passed…

So pretty! This short cut is nice (until you reach the smoking spot)!

We arrived about 5 minutes before our ADR time and met up with Aunt Mary here….

Did you guess correctly?

I checked in while the girls played tic-tac-toe. I was getting pretty tired at this point so I was looking forward to what I hoped was a great “Thanksgiving” meal. My family and I love LTT!!!! Mary and I chatted and waited for our light-up device to flash. Soon enough…it did! Interestingly enough, we were seated at a table we have sat at least once before…maybe twice. I find that funny since there are tons of tables and I am always near the front. No matter. Our waiter was great. He got our drinks and was quite cheerful! He made sure the little girls had stuff to color!

Soon enough our meal began! We had rolls/butter and salad with strawberry vinegrette. Can you see the drink…I think it was Pomegranate Lemonade….yummy!

Soon dinner arrived. There was soooo much to eat! Funny thing though…our server placed the bowl of mac and cheese in front of Sarah….lol! We were cracking up cause it wasn’t far from the truth! She would eat the whole bowl!

I tried a little of everything! We really enjoyed our meal!

And somehow we were supposed to fit dessert in there somewhere!

This is Johnny Appleseed’s Cake, Tavern-made White Cake filled with Apples and Craisins Dried Cranberries, topped with Ice Cream! Perfect ending!

After dinner we rolled out of LTT and headed back to complete our train ride around MK!

We boarded the train….apparently Devon had enough pics and was being shy!

We stopped at the old Toon Town rail station to refill the water tank! I am soooo looking forward to the new Fantasyland opening! Hopefully the next time we go….it will be mostly open.

We began moving again and completed our trip! We disembarked here:

My camera isn’t great at night but I love this shot with the castle in the background!!

So, we were tired and full but happy at this point but had one more thing to do! Meet the big cheese himself! And with our fastpasses we could meet the princesses too!

So we entered and went right up to the rope. There wasn’t much of a wait anyways….about 15-20 min in the standby line since it was evening. We were ushered into a hallway, then into the room with the princesses. They each had a spot light and a nice back drop too! We started with Cinderella and the girls had their new autograph books ready! I handed my photopass card to each PP photographer. I also snapped pics along the way. They captured some of their expressions and I just love this set of pics. The girls are getting older and by the time we make it back they will probably be out of the princess stage for the most part. So sad to think about. They are growing so fast.

So our first meeting was with Cinderella herself…Brooklyn’s favorite!

I am not quite sure how PP photographers can have an ideal environment, lighting and expensive cameras and still manage to get a crappy pic. Hmmmm. Oh well. Next up was a popular princess, Belle. I just love this movie!

She was so sweet and chatted with the girls over their dresses!

I think this Belle was absolutely wonderful!!!

Our final princess was Aurora. She wasn’t sugary sweet but nice all the same.

I would say the girls just loved meeting the princesses…they were practically glowing!

And we weren’t done yet! We headed out into a hall and into the gift shop and got back in line for Mickey! We couldnt wait to meet him either. We waited to be ushered into a back room. There were about 10 of us and a door. Suddenly we hear “knock knock” and of course all of the parents and kids think its going to be Mickey. The door opens and its a tall CM! LOL! We all laugh and he slams the door. We hear “knock knock” again and the door opens this time to……Mickey! We all yell “Mickey!” at the same time….hahahaha! So fun! They allow each family into the meeting room and we wait our turn. Its set up like a backstage area and not only was Mickey there but MINNIE was TOO!!!!!! I am practically jumping up and down!

Are they not the cutest?????????

So after autographs we start with some group shots….Sarah and I joined in this time too!

After our meeting we were able to thank them both and get some hugs. Minnie even hugged me! Such a nice visit and we weren’t rushed or anything!

Awwwww!  This time we exited into the hall and into the gift shop. We looked around briefly. I noticed a sewing machine and this pretty dress belonging to someone special…

We met up with Mary and decided to call it a night! I am guessing it was around 7 or 8 pm??? We waited at the dock for the boat to the Poly…..I didn’t realize it but the cruise at night across the 7 Seas Lagoon was absolutely beautiful!!! What a great way to get back to the resort!!

We pulled up to the GF dock first…..

And then headed to the Poly…

We headed back to the room. You would think the girls would simply fall into bed wouldn’t you. But NOOOOOO, they wanted to go swimming. :) So I took them to the big pool while I caught up on sales for the day on my ipad. NOW THAT I THINK OF IT…I BELIEVE THAT AUNT MARY AND SARAH HEADED TO DOWNTOWN DISNEY THIS NIGHT????!!!!! I may be wrong but I think they went via bus for a little while. The littles and I were sound asleep when they arrived back at the room!

As you can see the pool wasn’t very busy. After about 1/2 hour, we heard music behind us in the Lagoon. It was close to 9 pm and the girls were just drying off. We walked to the beach and saw….

It was the Electric Water Pageant with happy music and floats!!! So pretty!!!

And it truly was a perfect ending to a perfect day! We were all smiles as we headed back to the room and to get ready for bed. Wow…..the day began with Chef Mickeys and ended with this parade. We were fortunate enough to avoid the crowds, ride/see all of the attractions that we wanted, had great meals and fun family times. We met the all of the princesses(Jasmine, Cindy, Belle and Aurora) and Mickey and Minnie and even went souvenir shopping! And best of all…it was only Friday. We still had two more full days ahead of us!!!!!! I fell asleep thanking God for such a perfect day!!!

I will be back with more. Now I am glad I am finishing this report! I feel like I have re-lived part of it this way. Thanks for reading along!!!!

Have a great week! Memorial Day weekend up next!

God Bless,


Easter Break Part II and the rest of April!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to May!!! Hope all is going well with you! I wanted to finish posting about Spring Break before summer break starts…lol. So here goes! After our wonderful trip out to PA, we returned home. I believe I relaxed for one whole day!!! Did some organizing and cleaning and that kind of thing. The next day we went to our local zoo/playground. We brought a picnic lunch. Unfortunately it was a bit chilly and threatening to rain. But we had fun walking around!

The girls brought their “babies” into the zoo. I told them I wasn’t going to hold them (but I ended up doing it towards the end). My little aviator…

Our zoo also has some farm animals…

Bald Eagle…


A camel…



And then we walked out to the “savannah”. Sarah’s favorite…..Zebras!


And then we headed out as it was starting to spit a bit of rain….one last pic before we left…

I am hoping when she is a parent, she wont leave her baby under large animal feet! hahaha!


The next day we went up to the mall. It was part of Sarah’s birthday present to get her ears pierced (second hole). So our first stop was Claire’s. Love this cute store.

As you can see, the babies went along on this trip too!

She was very brave and didn’t even flinch! Nor cry! I loved the fact that she wore her princess tiara in honor of her birthday! :) That was my favorite part!!!!

She picked small CZ posts for her April birthstone! After that we went in and out of several stores and bought a bunch of stuff like jewelry, makeup, perfume, and that kind of girly stuff! We also headed to Michaels to get stuff to decorate Sarah’s birthday cake. Then we went to lunch and headed home. One last stop…..Hobby Lobby. It is brand new! So cool! Our mall is about 50 minute drive so we don’t go much. It made for a fun day!


The little girls had a friend over later that day! They played tag and did lots of cartwheels and flips outside!

The next day we decorated Sarah’s birthday cake. Unfortunately, the bottom layer cracked and the whole cake ended up tilting a bit. It tasted great though!

We put these cool edible cake “tatoos” on!

Two of Sarah’s friends were coming for a sleep-over and so I took the girls down to the Cape May mall to walk and talk and see what was there. We had some snacks too! I let the “big” girls walk by themselves.

Off they go by themselves….we made a 5 pm meeting time! The little and I enjoyed walking in and out of all the little shops!

We even  listened to part of the mass at Star of the Sea.

Then we all met up again!

Our next stop was Pizza Hut. Sarah’s other friend was riding (her horse) and couldn’t make it until after dinner. So off we went…

Dig in everyone!!!

We had a great dinner! Lots of pizza!! We headed back to our house and Sarah’s other friend arrived. Next, it was time to open presents!!

Next we had cake!

I took one last pic before the girls went and did their thing. Lots of laughing and giggles ensued for most of the night. We had lots of snacks available but the girls were so full no one ate anything. They set up their “beds” and I would say they fell asleep around 1 or 2 pm. I cooked breakfast the next morning (last day of spring break) and then the girls dispersed! It was a fun party and I just love Sarah’s friends! Truly wonderful talented nice girls!  A huge Happy 14th Birthday to my Sarah!!!!


Since spring break, school, work and activities started up again! Devon and Brooklyn are getting ready for their recital in May and Sarah started softball season!

First home game…..Go Tigers!! They won!

Sarah is #14!

Heading to the outfield…

On first base…

Edmund and the girls are also starting on their garden…pulling weeds and  turning the dirt….

This is Tomato Alley!

And of course, you can always find Brooklyn either dancing or on her bike!

The last day of April is my birthday and all of my sweet friends and family wished me a good day! And it was!! This arrived:

Under the blanket is a huge box. Course while it was sitting there, Devon turned it into a surface to do magic tricks! So what was it????? Edmund purchased a vanity, mirror and bench for me! Yaaa! Now I can sit and get ready in the morning! (Plus it gets me out of the bathroom sooner….hahaha!). Here it is all set up….

And I also got…..

And lots of fabric! Yaaa! We went out to dinner to my favorite hibachi restaurant! Oh and we also finally have our own modem and wifi! Yaa! Goes with the ipad and other Apple products gracing our home.

An adorable cake!!!

I am ending this very long blog post with a preview of all of the pretty fabric that has been making its way into my sewing room. I am going to sew lots of things this summer! I also opened an Etsy store.

Have a super weekend! Be back soon with a Disney trip report update!

And there is more coming!!!

God Bless,


Easter Break Part 1

Hello All,

Hope all is going well with you! It is finally raining here today and I thought I would take a few minutes to catch up! With all of the pollen in the air and my allergy shots, well, I am just exhausted battling it all of the time. I am hoping this rain helps! April showers!!!

We had a nice spring break! The Easter Bunny came a little early!!

We had a great egg hunt outside! What a nice morning!

After organizing and last minute packing….we headed out to PA!!

We enjoyed having Easter with family and the girls loved seeing all of their cousins!

This is their baby cousin Gemma! She is just adorable!

The girls took turns feeding her….and I got to as well!

An intense game of Uno!

And a bedtime story!

And a delicious dinner! Thank you so much Carrie and Allen…we had a lovely time!!!

The next morning, we got all dressed up! Happy Easter!!! We went out to breakfast too.

We headed to Brian and Meghan’s house and drove through a cool covered bridge!

The girls helped make a yummy dessert and enjoyed playing outside!

Enjoying munchies!

There was an egg hunt…

It was really warm out and the girls got changed! A wiffle ball game broke out too!

After this we all enjoyed a wonderful Easter Dinner. I didn’t have my camera at dinner so I missed the picture.

The next day we took the back roads all the way to Lancaster PA. I was really looking forward to enjoying the scenery! I think I was really meant to live in this area….gorgeous rolling hills, horses everywhere, I just LOVE it!

We had breakfast at Shady Maple and it was a blustery morning!

We stopped at a few places….

Across the street was my favorite quilt/fabric shop!

Have you been here?

Lots of fun fabrics! Upstairs they have a Quilt Museum…

Such amazing work! We headed “home” after this! I think we ate dinner out and relaxed. The next day we headed back home. It was such a nice trip and we really enjoyed seeing everyone!

I’ll be back later with the rest of the week and Sarah’s 14th Birthday. Hope to get in the remainder of our 3nd day in Disney finished this week as well. Work is very busy lately and as I said, my energy level is pretty low. Have a good week everyone!

God Bless,


Second Day at Disney - Part 2

Hello Everyone!

We have been busy this week! We went away for Easter weekend and then spent a day cleaning/doing laundry/organizing. Then we just went to the zoo/playground and had a little picnic! Fun Fun!!! But, I am way behind on my Disney trip updates. So here goes! I last blogged about our Chef Mickey breakfast and now we are heading out to our second park of the trip!

Any guesses?

Of course…..its Magic Kingdom! We walked on the path between the Contemporary and MK and it was about 10 am at this point of a very busy park day. Way missed the rope drop!!!!!! And the crowds….check it out below. But we would have to deal with the crowds! So here we are on the way over…

About this time, I heard a person in front of us say to someone walking towards us, “Hey are you Lou Mongello?”…and I recognized the name….so I took their pic while they were talking:  (Lou is the one on the right in the light blue shirt. He runs WDW radio.)

I tried to stay calm even though there were lots of people heading into the park! We met up with Mary! Yaa! And made it through bag check and turnstiles. And off we go!!!


Although Sarah and I have been back, this was the first time Devon and Brooklyn have set foot in MK since Nov 2009!!! We were excited!!!

Actually it wasn’t so bad once we got into the park!

For some reason I was expecting wall-to-wall people!

I tried to capture a little bit of the construction on Main Street. hey….check out the time!

As you can see it was overcast and misty-looking but not raining yet….

We waited for a photopass photographer to take our pic…

And here we go…

Yaaaa! Fun to get a group shot! Next up…..Tomorrowland:

We headed over to get Buzz Fastpasses (FP). Now I have to say that we visited Disney just weeks before the FP enforcement began. On a crowded park day, normally being able to get FP and use them when we can really saves the day. I had every intention of trying to return within our window just to see if it would work out. So, next we wondered over to Space Mountain to see if Sarah wanted to ride by herself….lol…the rest of us chickened out. Nope. Maybe later. So we headed over to the other side of the park to knock out some attractions. Had to get some castle pics while we crossed over!

The park was just beautiful!

I was walking around soaking up the magic.

We were heading to Liberty Square via the bridge….

I had heard that this place serves great waffle sandwiches and funnel cakes….keep this in mind for later!

So our first attraction was…..The Haunted Mansion! Can you believe there was no wait time?????????? hello…..10:15am on Friday on Pres Weekend…and I saw the crowds but apparently they were not over here.

So in we walked!

Brooklyn was a little nervous so I was explaining what would happen and how Disney makes scary to be not-so-scary. She was willing to try it and we kept the banter light…and she was fine. We loved the whole ride and the hitch-hikers who jumped on board at the end!

Upon exiting we decided to throw eggs and shout mean things to these two girls….

But they were so cute, I just took their pic instead. We kept walking…

The crowds were light over here! Yaa!

Love Splash Mountain! I took a survey and only two people were interested. I checked the time and I was able to get FP so I left everyone to watch the poor souls chute to their watery death in the briar patch while I ran to get FP for Sarah and I. (BTMRR was shut down while we were there)

So I think it was around10:30 or 11 am at this point. I met back up with everyone and we continued to Adventureland!

Can you guess where we were headed next?

Sing with me now…..Yo ho Yo ho, a pirates life for me! There was no wait time for this either…in fact we walked the whole queue and didn’t stop till near the end when I could finally get a pic of the girls in line:

Again Brooklyn was a little afraid of the drop so she sat next to me! Does she look nervous??

Unfortunately the mist vision of Davy Jones and Blackbeard that invite guests to proceed if “they be brave or fool enough to face a pirate’s curse”….was turned off :( But the drop was fun and I told Brookie that the cannon ball splashes were fake! She relaxed after that! What a fun cruise this is!

We exited at the gift shop and headed to see about a princess! Jasmine to be exact. You see on our trip in 2009 when we stood in line to see Jasmine, only Aladdin was available. So Devon has been waiting to meet her since 2009. I was determined to make it happen. Sooo I inquired with a CM (cast member) as to where and when she would be available. She would be coming out in about 25 minutes. So Mary and the girls got in line to ride the Magic Carpets of Aladdin….something we’ve never done since the girls always ride Dumbo. Since Dumbo was closed this was the perfect alternative! Meanwhile Sarah and I stood in line for Jasmine.

It was a bit of a wait…close to 20-25 minutes but finally they got on and I tried to take a pic of them as it started up!

Meanwhile, Sarah and I had to let a few people in front of us in line. When the girls got off the ride, they got in line with us to wait for Jasmine and Aladdin! About 15 minutes later it was finally our turn. They took lots and lots of time with each guest!!!!!

Aladdin loved Devon’s dress and insisted that she twirl in it! They were so great with the girls and even drew Sarah into the conversation. Brooklyn got to ask her question….where were they from. And finally we got a group pic:

There was no photopass photographer so it was all mom here! So after being here (AL) for a good 45 minutes it was time to move on. First I grabbed FP for all of us for the Jungle Cruise. If you are keeping track, I had three sets of FP at this point and it was time to use some. We headed back across the park to help Buzz battle the evil Emporer Zurg!

Blurry. We were trying to hurry along in the line. Since we had fastpasses we avoided the 45 minute wait time!

My riding buddy was Brookie again. I steered and tried to shoot. I have to say I am terrible at aiming that laser and seeing which light is mine. So glad they improved this technology on Toy Story Mania. I was also trying to cheer Brookie on…

Despite our great scores, and defeating Zurg, the girls somehow still ended up behind bars…

As we exited we decided we were all starving. It had to be around 1 pm by this time and look what was up in the sky…a huge dark grey cloud!

We decided to head over to Columbia Harbor House. Thanks to the Disboards, I knew I would be able to get a great meal there. We stopped briefly for the parade….

It just draws you in with fun snappy music! You must clap along!!!

Do you know this cast member? She looked so familiar that I had to take her pic!

And some familiar friends…

We tore ourselves away, and continued on our journey to CHH. I have never eaten here and it was quite crowded when we arrived. No worries though…the line moves fast. Unfortunately, it was hard to hear what Devon was saying and she had a melt down in line practically. A very sweet CM came over to try to cheer her up…bless her heart. The girls made quick trips to the bathroom while we waited.

And finally our order was ready. I told Mary that we should head upstairs to where it was quieter and sure enough….thank you fellow Dissers….you were right again! We found a nice table by a window overlooking LS!

Interestingly, it must have poured while we were eating! Check out the crowds now:

I could see the wait time was like 60min for Haunted Mansion now! Eekkkk! Well, we relaxed and enjoyed our lunch. A little sustenance in Devon’s belly did wonders and it was yummy food besides. Mary and I enjoyed our tuna sandwiches! Devon had a pb&j, Brooklyn had mac and cheese, and Sarah had chicken fingers. I would definitely recommend this place to hid from the maddening crowds.

So after lunch, we made a game plan. Mary would take the girls to Country Bear Jamboree while Sarah and I went on Splash Mountain. It was misty out anyways….might as well really get wet. We really should have gotten ponchos beforehand but we didn’t.

Self portrait!

Since we had FP we headed up the alternate entrance. At first there was no line when suddenly we were stopped. An announcement came on saying that there were delays but we would be able to move along shortly. And this was in the FP line. After a few minutes, we did continue all the way up to the loading dock. I tried to take Sarah’s pic when she got in….

The delay that this caused (as you can see she hadn’t even sat down yet) made the gate close on me. Luckily the CM reopened it so I could board. Really people???? The pic took less than one sec. So off we went. I love this attraction….soooo much fun!

And soon enough, we too were plunged to our deaths (practically) in the briar patch….

Ummm, Sarah was wet….me, not so much! I knew I loved this ride!

Time to off-load!

We called Mary and they had just finished their show. Great! The girls really enjoyed the Jamboree…apparently they found it quite funny!

Next we decided to use our last set of FP and headed over to the Jungle Cruise. Again, there was little wait with the FP. I missed the window by about an hour here. So we were catching up! The standby was around 45-60 min. I really do not have the patience to wait in line this long.

We waited about 3 minutes and I took some pics…

Really the theming here is so awesome! Here is our captain….

He was pretty good! I quietly finished some of his jokes!

Uh oh…


Those hunters are getting the point!

Front side of water…

Watch for the hippos…lean everyone!

And the backside of water…

Into the ruins…

Boy I sure took lots of pics on this cruise!

Almost done….the shrink is here!

Devon’s JC on her dress….

And then we off-loaded on the side that didn’t land us in the water!

So we are about half way through our day here and I am going to stop this update here! Thanks for reading along!

Next up….the rest of our MK day!

Have a great week everyone!